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H&R Block is one of the world's largest tax services providers, utilizing more than 100,000 highly trained tax professionals and having prepared more than 550 million tax returns worldwide since 1955. In addition we:

Prepared 1 in every 7 U.S. tax returns.

Prepared more than 24 million tax returns worldwide in 2010.

Have a retail office within 5 miles of most Americans.

Have prepared more than 50 million digital tax returns since 1994.

Tax Professional Expertise:

We work with the IRS to stay up to date on changes in the tax laws and translate all IRS rules and laws into language you can understand.

Our 100,000+ tax professionals receive extensive training and work with state-of- the art technology to ensure your taxes are done right.

We find errors in 2 out of 3 tax returns prepared by others.2

Our tax professionals provide guidance and advice tailored to your occupation or tax situation to help you maximize your tax refund.

100% Accuracy — Guaranteed. We'll pay interest and penalties on our mistakes, and support you in the event of an audit, at no additional cost.

Tax Audit Support:

If you receive a letter from the IRS or state, our tax professionals will help you no matter how your taxes were done.
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